Our Investment Criteria

Exceptional Entrepreneurs

We partner with entrepreneurs who truly stand out as business builders, bringing deep domain expertise, an innate understanding of the problem they are trying to solve, and the potential to credibly scale a business to $20 million or $50 million or $100 million of revenue – or beyond.

Early Stage

We are in our fourth fund committed to early stage investing because we believe this is where we can make a difference. We partner with post-revenue companies (typically with a revenue run rate of $500,000 to $3,000,000) and prefer to invest in the first institutional round.

B2B Software

We target business-to-business (B2B) software, data, and technology enabled services companies.

Eastern U.S.

We believe the Eastern U.S. is a great place to build a B2B software company given the depth of talent and concentration of potential customers across all major industry segments.


We look for businesses that bring disruptive innovation, rather than step change improvements, to sizeable markets in excess of $500 million, with an opportunity to build a long-term competitive advantage.

Business Model

We prefer businesses with product-based recurring revenue models and are especially attracted to companies where differentiation extends beyond a short-term technology advantage.

Capital Efficiency

We tend to partner with entrepreneurs who treat every dollar as if it’s their own and who think carefully about raising capital – both the timing and the amount – to optimize for success.

Deal Size

We prefer to lead or co-lead a company’s first institutional round and will typically invest $1-4 million initially as part of $2–7 million capital raises. We typically reserve 1-2x our initial investment to support future rounds of financing.


As an entrepreneur, you have to ask – Why OVP?

At Osage Venture Partners we believe that you and your start-up sit at the center of the venture ecosystem and that our role as investors is to support your success. Bottom line – we only win if you win.

Our portfolio is comprised of over thirty companies executing a common mission of achieving high growth through business technology innovation. We add value by leveraging our network of technology CEOs, CTOs, sales leaders, product managers, and other executives to ensure that shared experiences across the portfolio lead you to faster answers and to fewer mistakes. Become an Osage-backed entrepreneur and join the OVP family at our next annual CEO event. And talk with our CEOs – they will tell you "why OVP."

Entrepreneur’s Hour

OVP takes a unique view on our interactions with an entrepreneur, especially in our first meeting. We view this as your hour, not ours, and how you decide to spend it – whether by focusing on your product with a demo, reviewing the market opportunity, or emphasizing your team – is up to you. But please, do not give us a presentation because we will have already read it, as we take pride in preparing thoroughly to ensure the time is productive for you. Our goal is to engage you in a direct and honest dialogue about both the opportunity and the risks or challenges facing your venture. Last, we think it is only fair if you leave with an impression – good or bad – of how things went, so expect some initial feedback from the team.

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