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JPMorgan Chase Closes InstaMed Acquisition
Details 07.24.2019
Portfolio Company News | 09.18.2019

ANRA Technologies Demonstrates Drone Remote ID Solutions Using Proposed Standards in California and Switzerland

Portfolio Company News | 09.04.2019

Decentralized UAS Traffic Management Demonstrated by ANRA Technologies for FAA UTM Pilot Project

Portfolio Company News | 08.24.2019

Semantic AI: How a San Diego AI company helped bring down an African crime boss

Portfolio Company News | 08.19.2019

RiskLens: Why Government is Slow to Endorse Frameworks for Quantifying Cybersecurity Risk

OVP News | 08.05.2019

ABBYY Acquires TimelinePI to Strengthen Leadership Role in Digital Transformation

OVP News | 07.24.2019

JPMorgan Chase Closes InstaMed Acquisition

OVP News | 05.22.2019

Osage Exits Phone2Action as Frontier Capital Invests

Portfolio Company News | 05.22.2019

Earnest Research: Why Uber vs. Lyft is More About Total Addressable Market Than Market Share

OVP News | 05.20.2019

ABBYY Announces Its Agreement to Acquire TimelinePI to Deliver Digital Intelligence for Enterprise Processes

OVP News | 05.17.2019

JP Morgan Buys Health-care Payments Firm InstaMed in the Bank’s Biggest Acquisition Since the Financial Crisis

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