Discover influence in your community.

CIPIO is a Community Influencer Marketing Platform that blends the power of AI with human influencers to help brands drive exponential growth across the customer journey. CIPIO is the industry’s first platform to unite 360-degree customer behavioral insights with social influencers and their followers’ behavioral insights.

CIPIO equips brands to discover authentic, relevant, and most powerful influencers inside their community of customers, employees, partners, and followers, and activate them to acquire new customers, and take engagement with existing customers to the next level. From acquisition to optimization, CIPIO’s AI engine maps customers’ engagement patterns, predicts customer churn risk, and provides recommendations to supercharge engagement through a network of most impactful community influencers.

CIPIO has 80 million+ influencers across various segments profiled. To learn who the key influencers are in your community of followers and customers, go to

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