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Dina, based in Chicago, IL, provides an AI-enabled care coordination platform that facilitates the shift of care from hospitals and other acute settings into post-acute and the home, where patient outcomes and satisfaction are higher and costs are lower. Dina’s solution can be categorized across five functions: referral management, care collaboration, screening and engagement, data integration, and predictive insights and interventions. First, Dina can help digitize, manage, and expand referral partner networks and facilitate digital referrals between providers. Following a patient’s discharge, Dina’s care collaboration workflow enables real-time, HIPAA-compliant communication between all stakeholders in the patient journey, including patients, families, caregivers, and coordinators from health plans, hospitals, and any post-acute setting. Dina also offers a set of screening and engagement tools that were developed in response to COVID but are now being applied to other patient populations. Through its APIs and data integrations, Dina collects and normalizes rich and timely data from the various disparate systems across the patient’s journey.  Finally, Dina uses AI technology to identify unmet needs and recommend evidence-based interventions. Dina has a proven ability to reduce readmissions, optimize length of stay and utilization, and help deliver increased reimbursement tied to value-based measures such as patient outcomes and costs of care. To learn more about Dina, visit www.dinacare.com.

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