Strategikon Pharma
Create elegant harmony in your clinical trial business operations

At Strategikon Pharma, we believe in possibilities. We believe there is no real reason to continue working and communicating the same way as 40 years ago, not in our age of digital technology.
Our mission is to apply best-in-class processes and technologies to improve planning and execution of the biopharmaceutical industry’s most critical function – developing new medical treatments.
Our name, Strategikon, comes from a famous strategy manual written by the Byzantine emperor Maurice. While the world of clinical trials is certainly different, the principles of defining and executing flexible strategies that are well matched to the challenges are definitely applicable.
As Maurice put it: A leader should never have to say: ‘I did not expect it.’

The vision of our product, Clinical MaestroTM, was born out of a combination of love and frustration. Developed and nurtured by financial and clinical business operations executives with experience both on Sponsor and Provider sides, our founders believed there had to be a better way. With lots of great ideas and even more courage, they started Strategikon Pharma in San Rafael, California.  To learn more about Strategikon and Clincal MaestroTM, visit

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Anca Copaescu
Board Director
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