PATHWAYos (exited)
Helping more students find their way forward.

PATHWAYos® is transforming student readiness and opportunities with a first-of-its-kind work-based learning operating system that empowers students and supports educators. PATHWAYos is a software platform helping school districts connect with industry to scale up their work-based learning programs and reveal more opportunities for students. On one intuitively designed dashboard, educators can monitor student progress, manage partnerships, and generate reports—resulting in less time spent doing busy work and more time helping students. For industry partners, PATHWAYos offers a single point of entry to participate in programs across multiple districts. That means access to a talented and diverse pool of students and the chance to play an active role in closing the skills gap and filling the pipeline with a vibrant workforce. And for students, PATHWAYos is a platform for career exploration—a place to uncover an entire world of career options that align with their interests. Through internships and on-the-job training, they can see what they can be. Together, educators and industry partners can help an entire generation of students shift their perspective on the future and find paths forward.

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Cecilia Retelle Zywicki
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